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The Cognitive Connector

Our cognitive connector to make distributed computing meaningful


The IoT software solution Caberra connects any type of sensor, actuator, hardware device, software application, process step or even human interaction. Caberra provides immediate insight and control to manage the connected devices, applications and interaction independent of their location.

Caberra contains technical and business knowledge to monitor all activities to react automatically and intelligently based upon own or user defined rules and processes. Consequently, Caberra turns information into immediate actions.

Quick Facts

  • Caberra connects devices, sensors, actuators, processes and people in order to identify and solve problems
  • Caberra detects, manages and controls devices, services and applications over the internet
  • Caberra acts intelligently upon irregularities and anomalies based on knowledge

Connectors, Knowledge and Interaction

Caberra connectors “talk” to devices, its knowledge detects anomalies and the interactions to be executed. Human interaction is an integral part in order to apply the correct mix of actions. Other steps may be executed autonomously.

Caberra not only consolidates devices and applications from various vendors and for different fields of use (Service, Security, Access Control, Facility, Network Management, ...) into one holistic view, it also allows to automate tasks which lead to reliable and immediate actions triggered as IoT data change.

IoT Live

Drive the IoT40 Systems conveyor belt at your own speed and experience how the cognitive connector operates.

Become the operator now

Receive alerts directly from Caberra when the conveyor belt is at a critical state.

When you submit your data, for the next 10 minutes you will be receiving Caberra alerts of the Lego conveyor belt demo. Afterwards you are automatically unsubscribed and you won't receive any further Caberra alerts.

Speak to Caberra now

Speak to a Watson-powered Caberra in real-time and analyse problems

Ask open questions like: "What should I do?" and "What is the problem?" and Caberra will react accordingly to your question. Caberra is able to analyse the problem and detect which solution will solve it. It can then interfere with the system and correct faulty behaviour.
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Disclaimer: We will use your email address to send you messages from Caberra for demo purpose. We might also send you very occasionally information about IoT40 and Caberra.

Activate the conveyor belt by clicking Activate Day Shift.
The Activate Night Shift button illuminates the factory floor at night.

You can force the conveyor belt to enter a critical state by moving the slider beneath the video.

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How it works


Caberra acquires and contains knowledge and rules for business activities, and sensors continously deliver input to Caberra


As soon as anomalies or irregularities are detected, Caberra takes appropriate steps to act accordingly with actuators, machines, applications or humans


As operators or consumers are directly informed, immediately they can monitor and interact without delay to assure uninterrupted processes


Caberra generates significant business benefits and with its flexibility it can serve a wide range of application domains

Asset Management

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remote monitoring

Predictive maintenance

Automated video security

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Increased equipment utilization & lifespan

Reduced maintenance cost

Enhanced Collaboration

Operational Excellence

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operation monitoring

public safety

intelligent action

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reduced down time

digital quality management

automation of knowledge work

Productivity Increase

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effective information

smart ressource consumption

real time yield optimization

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Reduced waiting times

improved utilization patterns

Enhanced Human-Machine-Process

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